We are Anthony Campbell and Su Harambe, longtime Rainier Beach residents. We created Redwing Cafe to provide a gathering place where people can enjoy healthy, tasty snacks and drinks in a warm and inviting atmosphere. We wanted to share our love for yummy food and drinks; lots of color and art; and all people, young and old.



Originally built in 1916, our building has been lovingly restored and improved. The old growth fir walls bring a warmth to the interior of Redwing Cafe. The use of existing and salvaged materials, such as vintage light fixtures from a Boeing facility and re-purposed ductwork, add a rich and unique look to our space. 

Rainier Beach is filled with talented artists, and we wanted to take advantage of that fact. The metal art railing on the lower level, the fuse box art on the main floor, the giant bird on the side of the building, even our tables were handcrafted by Rainier Beach artists. The tables were created using maple wood salvaged from a downed tree in our yard. Local art adorns the walls and rotates every 6 weeks or so.